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Tokyo Japan

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Ka Tricksy DJ dedicating years of her career to electronic music and today a music producer, with her long experience in the market she ventured since 2004 with two other partners to hold electronic music parties and events and later in 2006 alone taking charge of the events company and she also opened a DJ school, and events agency to accommodate the growing market demand for electronic and psychedelic music at the time. After several attempts to continue with the company during the 2008 crisis of the Lehman Brothers, the DJ decided to close the agency and risk her career in greater Tokyo, with the awareness that it would not be easy for the DJ to start a new work and going to work for the first time as a DJ agency. From the DJ agency, where she built her name on the famous Roppongi (Tokyo) and opening doors to many events within the big city, feeling the need to evolve, studied for 2 years at Pioneer music school and started producing electronic music, her first song reached 50 accesses on a web radio from Italy and today with a contract signed with a major label, she is preparing to release her first house music album and its derivatives.


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